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Ordering Official UW Transcripts

COVID Transcript Update

To promote the safety of students, alumni, staff, faculty, and visitors, the Office of the Registrar is operating remotely. During this period our staff are actively serving students and alumni by email, however, staff will not be able to fulfill paper transcript requests at this time. Any requests for paper transcripts made beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 will not be fulfilled until after the office returns to in-person operations – this includes those ordered using the Express delivery option. Students may continue to request and have transcript requests fulfilled by sending an electronic transcript to either themselves or a third-party recipient via the e-transcript vendor, eScrip-Safe. Please visit the Electronic Transcripts page for more information on ordering e-transcripts.

THE OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR IN-OFFICE SERVICE DUE TO PRECAUTIONS AROUND COVID-19. Staff members are working remotely until further notice. As of March 16, 2020 UW Seattle will be managing electronic transcript requests. UW Tacoma COVID updates.

You may order and pay for a a paper or e-transcript through our online production services in MyUW.  Please see our website below to learn more how to order a transcript to be sent to you or another entity online.

Electronic Transcripts

Not all Universities or Colleges utilize eScrip-Safe as a method of receiving e-transcripts, so students may need to obtain the appropriate email address from the University’s admissions office in order to make sure the transcript is transmitted to the correct destination.

Please note: Electronic transcript orders are processed through UW Seattle each business night (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). Orders placed for an e-transcript before 6pm PST will be processed and the transcript will be sent around 8pm PST that same day. Transcript orders placed after 6pm or over the weekend or holiday break will be processed and the e-transcript will be emailed around 8pm PST the next business day.

Delivery of Official Transcripts


  • The University of Washington does not fax official transcripts. Official transcripts are currently only available electronically (e-transcripts). Students who need notarized transcripts cannot have it sent electronically (e-transcript).
  • For e-transcripts, the recipient will have 14 business days to open it. If not viewed during that period, the e-transcript PDF will be removed from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server, and the student must request another e-transcript. Once opened, the official e-transcript will remain available to the recipient for 24 hours after the initial viewing of the document before being deleted from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server.
  • Transcripts will not be issued until all holds have been removed and all outstanding bills have been paid to the University of Washington.
  • If a transcript is to be used for official purposes please check with the organization or school if it should be sent from the University of Washington directly to the school or agency.


Ordering Online

Ordering transcripts online is only available to currently registered and former students who attended the University of Washington after 1982.

To order transcripts online students will need their UWNetID. For students who are no longer attending, your UWNetID is the same as when you attended.

If You Do Not Have Access to MyUW

  • Forgotten passwords may be reset here: Reset UWNetID Password.
  • Students who have forgotten their UW NetID or alumni who attended prior to 1982 will need to contact the Office of the University Registrar at UW Seattle at
  • Students may recover their UW NetID here Get UW NetID but require a Student Number and Private Access Code (PAC). Students who don’t know or cannot remember either of these may contact the Office of the Registrar at for the information necessary to look up their NetID and reset the password. One screen will ask require identity confirmation. Please choose the first option UW Student. Employees, alumni, graduate students are considered a UW Student for this purpose. 
  • Please Note: When attempting to obtain a forgotten UWNetID, if the student has restricted Directory Release/FERPA they will not be able to obtain this information. In this case, students will need to provide official photo of identification to verify their identity. Students who wish to change their Directory Release to YES will need to submit a copy of a government issued ID, this can be scanned and emailed to the us at, with a written request, including a signature, indicating the change of Directory Release to YES. Once the directory release is processed, the student may request UW NetID assistance. For more information on FERPA and Directory Release, please read UW’s FERPA for Students.

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