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Course Form: Add, Change or Withdraw

This form is intended for use by authorized academic scheduling staff. Please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected on the online Time Schedule.

Note to students: These forms are changes to the Time Schedule and are not tied to student registration. Instead, navigate to the registration webpage or contact your advisor.


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I want to:
Course Information
SLNs are visible in the Time Schedule or TS Update. If SLNs have not yet been assigned, enter '00000.'
Additional Questions (Course Withdraw)
Reason for course withdraw
Have students been notified?
Were other courses suggested?
Additional Questions (Course Add)
Include the course prefix, number, section letter and SLN. The placeholder course will be withdrawn when the new course is added.
Repeatable Credit?
Please match what was approved in UW CM.
Maximum credits to be applied toward graduation.
Course fees?
Academic departments are responsible for the alignment of course setup and mode of instruction definitions.
Meeting days
If no room is needed, enter N/A.
More attributes

You may add these details yourself at a later time via TS Update. These fields are not required.

S, R, W
Are there restrictions or exclusions?
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3