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Office of Student Advocacy and Support

Office of Student Advocacy and Support

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support, assists students to set goals and find on campus and community supports to meet life challenges that create barriers to achieving their  educational goals. 

Students who would like to meet with the case manager 
please have that person fill out this referral form:

Staff and facutly may refer a student using this form:

Introduction to Office of Student Advocacy and Support

The Office of Student Advocacy and Support provides referral and support services to students, using a case management model.  The purpose of this office is to assist student in developing strategies to overcome and address barriers that prevent them from achieving their educational goals. The Office of Student Advocacy and Support reports through the Office of Student Engagement.


  • Implement a process for students that respond immediately to their needs with care, compassion and cultural appropriateness.
  • Develop student driven goals that empowers them to access off and on campus resources, promotes growth in self-advocacy, and their rights to self-determination.
  • Increase student body, faculty and staffs understanding about help seeking and reduce the stigma associated with poverty and behavioral health needs.


Leadership for the Office of Student Advocacy and Support

Roseann Martinez is the Assistant Director of Student Advocacy.  Roseann is a professional Social Worker and has strong experience in program development.  She will be a leader in the UW Tacoma’s effort to strengthen persistence to graduation and increase students’ awareness of and satisfaction with the availability and accessibility of resources and supports.  She will collaborate with on and off campus partners to coordinate case management services for students.

Roseann is developing and designing this new program and will simultaneously provide direct services to students.


What is case management?

The student and case manager work together to establish a set of goals and action steps that are reasonable, measurable and specific which address barriers in the students’ life.  It is a student and case manager collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy that support and improves the student’s ability to achieve their goals.

Principles of UWT case management:

  • All students may need help at one time or another, asking for and getting support is a developmental life skill
  • Student centric, strength based approaches that honor students’ insight about their own life will foster self-advocacy
  • Immediate and timely response to student needs
  • Care, compassion, culturally sensitive approaches are paramount
  • Create an atmosphere in which the university community understands emotional, social, interpersonal needs of students impact the achievement of educational goals

Contact Student Advocacy and Support


CAMPUS BOX:  258407

UNIT:Student Engagement


Roseann Martinez, MSW LICSW​

Assistant Director for Student Advocacy and Support

OFFICE: Mattress Factory 203