Faculty Assembly


Mission: Faculty Assembly engages in shared governance with a spirit of mutual respect and partnership.

Faculty Assembly is the collective voice of UW Tacoma’s faculty.  We are the means by which the faculty performs its role in setting university policy for the purpose of advancing the university’s mission. Our responsibilities include setting admission and graduation standards, creating courses and degree programs, and establishing criteria for faculty appointment, tenure and promotion. The Faculty Assembly also advises the Chancellor on budgetary matters and other policies that affect the university’s ability to achieve its academic goals, as set forth in Executive Order IV.  Through elected representatives on its Executive Council, Faculty Assembly communicates faculty interests, positions, and decisions with administrators, and conveys administrative decisions, policies and priorities to UW Tacoma faculty.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Summer & September

APCC | 7.20.16 | 12:30-2pm | GWP 320 and  APCC | 9.20.16 | 12:30-2pm | GWP 320

Faculty Assembly Fall Retreat & Luncheon | 9.26.16 | 9am - 12pm | Lunch: 12pm-1pm | WPH & JRC

EC | 9.26.16 | 1:00-3:00 pm | JRC



Relevant News

UW Tacoma remotely operated research vessel

"Jökull" vs. Jökull is like David and Goliath

July 15, 2016

UW Tacoma's new remotely-operated research vessel, dubbed "Jökull," meaning "Glacier," will meet the real thing as geoscientist Dan Shugar prepares for a summer of field investigations.