Disability Accommodations

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Graduate Disability Accommodations

When graduates fill out the Registration/Order Form in May they will be asked about any disability accommodations they might need.  Necessary arrangements will be made to assist them as necessary for the Commencement Ceremony at the Tacoma Dome.

Guest Disability Accommodations

Certain sections of the Tacoma Dome have been reserved for guests with special needs and students may order tickets for these sections when they fill out the Registration/Order Form.

  • Guests with Disability Accommodations will need to have a general admission ticket to gain access to the Tacoma Dome.  
  • These guests will also need their accommodation card to be seated in one of our accommodation seating areas.  Accommodation cards will be given to students when they pick-up their cap and gown. 

Accommodation seating at the Tacoma Dome is limited.  Please note that each guest needing accommodation is permitted one attendant to be seated with them.  We unfortunately cannot seat full parties in the accommodation seating due to space limitations.  

Wheelchair Seating

Reserved wheelchair seating will be available at the Tacoma Dome.  Students will be able to order tickets for individuals in wheelchairs and their attendants (one attendant per disabled guest) when they fill out the Registration/Order Form.

Mobility Impaired Seating

Special seating sections will be reserved for individuals who might have difficulty with stairs. Rows of seats are reserved that can be accessed with a minimum of stair climbing. Graduates can order seats in these sections when they fill out the Registration/Order Form.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter

Section 8A Row 1 will be reserved for individuals who would like an ASL interpreter and their guests. Students can order tickets for this section when they complete the online Registration/Order Form.

Disability Parking at the Tacoma Dome

Parking lots E and K are reserved for guests with disabilities and are van accessible and are sold on a first come first served basis. The parking fee for Tacoma Dome is $15 per single parking space. All Tacoma Dome lots are wheelchair accessible.

Entering the Tacoma Dome

Guests with Disability Accommodations seating can enter through the A, C or D Gates.  Based on where you park and where your seats are you can determine the best entrance for your party.  If you enter through the A Gates there is an elevator to access the upper seating but it still is a distance to walk as the Tacoma Dome is a very large facility.