Minor in Business Data Analytics

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MSBA students at analytics showcase, summer 2019

Tioga Library, autumn 2019

The minor in Business Data Analytics is designed for undergraduate students in any major to understand how to interpret and analyze data.

The curriculum is designed to emphasize critical competencies, including critical thinking, cognitive development, problem solving, creativity, data/analytical decision-making and information technology enablement skills.

The Business Data Analytics minor requires 25 credits:
15 credits from three required courses
10 credits of electives from the approved elective list

No more than 10 credits may be counted toward both the Minor in Business Data Analytics and another major or minor.

Before you can declare a minor, you must have declared a major and earned a minimum of 45 credits.

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Learning Outcomes

Students achieving a minor in Business Data Analytics will:

    • Develop an appreciation of the differences between disciplines on how to approach a problem
    • Analyze the innovative use of data and analytics solutions to address a problem or an opportunity
    • Design a database to collect, store, analyze and manage data to make effective and efficient decisions
    • Analyze structured and unstructured data using statistics, quantitative modeling and predictive analytics techniques or relevant technologies so that they can make informed decisions
    • Recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas and social responsibilities
    • Demonstrate effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills to communicate clearly and persuasively to audiences with stories

    The Business Data Analytics minor requires 25 credits. The minor consists of the following courses:

    Business Data Analytics Foundation Courses (15 credits)

    Topical Course Work (10 credits from approved elective list)

    Electives listed by School, see course catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. Some elective courses may have registration restrictions, please check the UWT time schedule for course restriction details.

    Electives offered through the Milgard School of Business

    TACCT 330 Introduction to Accounting Information Systems
    TACCT 411 Auditing Standards and Principles
    TBANLT 433 Programming for Data Analytics *offered as TBUS 490 Special Topics summer quarter 2018
    TBANLT 450 Decision Modeling
    TBANLT 480 Social Media Management & Analytics *taught as TMKTG/TMGMT 490 Special Topics since AY 15-16
    TBECON 420 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    TBECON 422 Econometrics
    T FIN 420 Visual Basic Programming of Excel-based Financial Models
    T FIN 422 Investment Valuation
    T FIN 425 Finance and Investment
    T MGMT 452 The Dynamics of Leadership
    T MKTG 460 Research Methods

    Electives offered through the School of Engineering and Technology

    elective courses restricted to S.E.T. majors only
    TCSS 325 Computers, Ethics and Society
    TCSS 435 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Acquisition
    TCSS 456 Introduction to Natural Language Processing
    TCSS 478 Fundamentals in Bioinformatics
    TCSS 452 Human-Computer Interaction
    TCES 203 Programming Practicum
    TCES 310 Linear Systems and Transforms
    TCES 380 Stochastic Signal Theory for Engineers
    TEE 225 Ethics
    T INFO 410: Database Design
    T INFO 443 Digital Forensics
    T INFO 444 Mobile Digital Forensics I
    T INFO 445 Mobile Digital Forensics II
    T INFO 445 Mobile Digital Forensics III
    T INFO 473 Applied Data Structures and Algorithms

    Electives offered through the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

    TBIOMD 310 Foundational Skills in Biomedical Sciences (UWT Biomedical Sciences Degree only)
    TECON 480 Seminar in Economic Analysis
    TESC 430 Environmental Modeling
    TMATH 390 Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Science
    TMATH 410 Regression Modeling with Applications
    TMATH 427 Complex Analysis
    TWRT 350 Principles of User Centered Design (UWT Writing Studies Degree only)

    Electives offered through the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

    THLEAD 360 Healthcare Leadership Strategies
    THLEAD 380 Healthcare Budgetary Analysis and Financial Decision Making
    THLEAD 405 Health Informatics I: Fundamentals
    THLEAD 406 Health Informatics II: Health Data Analytics

    Electives offered through the School of Urban Studies

    T GIS 313 Applied GIS and Project Design
    T GIS 450 Participatory Mapping
    T GIS 460 Cartography and Data Visualization
    T GIS 470 GIS Scripting and Automation
    T URB 305 Data and the City
    T URB 324 Urban and Regional Economics
    T URB 325 Urban Transportation: Problems and Prospects