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Photo illustration showing Zoom meeting on a video monitor
The School of Engineering & Technology launched its new Ph.D. program during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Zoom session brings together Dr. Wes Lloyd's Cloud and Distributed Systems (CDS) Research Lab, including (from top left) Dr. Lloyd, Ph.D. student Zohreh Sadeghi, master's student Nischal Khadka, master's alumna Asmita Singla, '21, bachelor's alumnus Sterling Quinn, '20, master's alumna Sonia Xu, '21, master's student David Foster, bachelor's alumnus Thaddaeus Hug, '20, and Ph.D. student Robert Cordingly.

The Knowledge Generators

September 2, 2021

A new research Ph.D. at UW Tacoma is a major milestone for campus, the community, and the donors that are helping make it possible.

Written by Brian Whepley
Photo illustration by John Burkhardt