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About SAM - Sciences and Mathematics Division

The division of Sciences and Mathematics offers degrees in Mathematics, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Sciences and Biomedical Sciences.

Our curriculum, internship opportunities and research maintain local community ties while exploring global perspectives, leading to excellent career opportunities for graduating students.

Our Environmental Sciences and Sustainability program takes advantage of the Puget Sound being in our own front yard.

Our new Biomedical Sciences degree began Autumn 2016.  We currently have over 100 confirmed newly admitted students planning to be biomedical sciences majors, making biomed the 5th largest major in terms of entering students, in our first year of the degree!


  • NEW Prefixes for SAM - Effective Autumn 2017

Courses associated with the Sciences and Mathematics Division within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences are changing course prefixes effective Autumn quarter of 2017.  Many courses with the “TESC” and “TBIOMD” prefixes have been changed to several subject specific prefixes (ie. TCHEM for Chemistry courses, TBIOL for Biology) to aid in course identification. Please refer below for the complete list of prefix conversions.

New Prefix List

Old Prefix Name new prefix new #
TESC110 General Biology TBIOL 110
TESC155 Biology Collaborative Learning Seminar TBIOL 119
TESC120 Introductory Biology I TBIOL 120
TESC130 Introductory Biology II TBIOL 130
TESC140 Introductory Biology III TBIOL 140
TESC202 Plant Biology and Ecology TBIOL 202
TESC402 History and Ecology of Biological Invasions TBIOL 203
TESC304 Tropical Ecology and Sustainability TBIOL 204
TESC232 Issues in Biological Conservation TBIOL 232
TESC234 Biology,History & Politics of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest TBIOL 234
TESC236 Sustainable Agriculture TBIOL 236
TESC238 Human Interactions with Marine Invertebrates TBIOL 238
TESC240 Human Biology and Environmental Interactions TBIOL 240
TESC242 Aging and Biology TBIOL 242
TESC370 Genetics and Society TBIOL 270
TBIOMD301 General Microbiology TBIOL 301
TBIOMD302 Human Physiology TBIOL 302
TBIOMD303 Cell Biology TBIOL 303
TESC380 Molecular Biology TBIOL 304
TBIOMD307 Genetics and Genomics TBIOL 305
TESC306 Animal Behavior TBIOL 306
TESC318 Biogeography TBIOL 318
TESC302 Ecology of Mt. St. Helens TBIOL 324
TESC332 Conservation Biology in Practice TBIOL 434
TESC340 Ecology and Its Applications TBIOL 340
TBIOMD350 Introduction to Epidemiology TBIOL 350
TESC362 Introduction to Restoration Ecology TBIOL 362
TESC404 Neotropical Field Studies Abroad: Ecology and Community TBIOL 404
TESC408 Marine Plankton TBIOL 408
TESC422 Evolution TBIOL


TESC432 Forest Ecology Field Studies TBIOL 432
TESC436 Systems Biology TBIOL 436
TESC438 Environmental Biology: Marine Invertebrates TBIOL 438
TESC440 Applied Entomology TBIOL 307
TESC442 Marine Ecology TBIOL 442
TESC452 Plants, Insects and their Interactions TBIOL 452
TESC462 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Intoduction TBIOL 462
TESC463 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Proposal and Plan TBIOL 463
TESC464 Restoration Ecology Capstone: Restoration Project Implementation TBIOL 464
TESC378 Environmental Microbiology TBIOL 478
TESC199 Preparation for Careers in Biomedical Sciences Seminar TBIOMD 199
TESC131 Chemistry and Society TCHEM 131
TESC139 Preparation for General Chemistry TCHEM 139
TESC156 Chemistry Collaborative Learning Seminar TCHEM 164
TESC141 General Chemistry I TCHEM 141
TESC151 General Chemistry II TCHEM 151
TESC161 General Chemistry III TCHEM 161
TESC 141, TESC 151 & TESC 161 New General Chemisty series (General Chemistry I, II & III). Individual courses not equivalent, entire series equivalent. TCHEM 142, 152 & 162
TESC245 Chemistry through History TCHEM 245
TESC251 Organic Chemistry I TCHEM 251
TESC261 Organic Chemistry II TCHEM 261
TESC271 Organic Chemistry III TCHEM 271
TESC333 Environmental Chemistry TCHEM 333
TESC405 Biochemistry I TCHEM 405
TESC406 Biochemistry II TCHEM 406
TESC439 Analytical Chemistry with Environmental Applications TCHEM 439
TESC510 Environmental Health and Toxicology TCHEM 510
TESC107 Geohazards and Natural Disasters TGEOS 107
TESC117 Physical Geology TGEOS 117
TESC215 Meteorology TGEOS 215
TESC316 Pacific Northwest Geology TGEOS 216
TESC326 Pacific Northwest Geology Field Trip TGEOS 226
TESC227 Earth History TGEOS 227
TESC241 Oceanography TGEOS 241
TESC243 Geography of the Physical Environment TGEOS 243
TESC247 Maritime History and Science in the Pacific Northwest TGEOS 247
TESC317 Geology, Landscape and Culture TGEOS 317
TESC321 Soils and Environmental Applications TGEOS 321
TESC329 Geomorphology and Soils TGEOS 329
TESC335 Introduction to Geomorphology TGEOS 335
TESC337 Environmental Geology TGEOS 337
TESC341 Climate Change TGEOS 341
TESC343 The Atmosphere and Air Pollution TGEOS 343
TESC347 Environmental Earth Materials TGEOS 347
TESC349 Research at Sea TGEOS 349
TESC415 Sedimentology TGEOS 415
TESC417 Field Geology TGEOS 417
TESC419 Environmental Field Geophysics TGEOS 419
TESC445 Estuarine Field Studies TGEOS 445
TESC111 Introduction to Astronomy TPHYS 111
TESC157 Physics for Collaborative Learning Seminar TPHYS 120
TESC121 Physics - Mechanics TPHYS 121
TESC122 Physics - Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion TPHYS 122
TESC123 Physics - Waves TPHYS 123
TESC213 Physical Forces in the Natural World TPHYS 213
TEST213 History and Science of Space Exploration TPHYS 215
TESC315 Applied Physics with Environmental Applications TPHYS 315
TEST211 Women in Science TWOMN 211

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  • Students Taking General Chemistry!

We are revising the General Chemistry sequence starting Autumn 2017. As a result, you MUST complete the whole sequence this year (2016/2017). You will not be able to start the current sequence this year and then finish it in academic year 2017/2018, since we are only offering the new sequence starting Autumn 2017. Please plan accordingly!

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