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SAMURS 2020 coming June 2020

New This Year...Symposium is Online!

Welcome to the 2020 Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Symposium!

The University of Washington Tacoma Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Sustainability, and Mathematics majors host an annual Environmental Research Symposium, Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Symposium (SAMURS). This event showcases the capstone research projects of our undergraduate students. This year we have a number of presentations by our undergraduate students, covering a broad range of questions and projects related to the environment, mathematics, sustainability and much more. Projects were conducted in the lab, in the trees, in the mud, in the classroom, at an aquarium, on the water, underwater and on land. Some of the students did original research with a faculty mentor, pushing the boundaries of what is known in their fields. Others participated in internships, where they helped community partners further their missions through service. What all of these diverse students have in common is determination and dedication to complete an independent study as part of their undergraduate education. We hope you are inspired and educated by what they have accomplished.

We’d like to thank the following people for their assistance in planning this symposium: Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio, Julie Masura, Anna Groat-Carmona, Amanda Strom, and Michelle Miller


The Faculty and Staff of the Sciences and Mathematics Division (SAM)

Information for Students Presenting at SAMURS 2020:

  • IMPORTANT: Students who are presenting a lighting talk as a group, need to identify one group member to be the Designated Author.  The designated author of each group will be the person responsible for uploading both the abstract, poster, and PowerPoint Slides to this website.  No other members of the group may upload documents to this site.  If you are in more than one group that is presenting a poster, you may only be the Designated Author for one group only.  If you are presenting a poster by yourself, you are the Designated Author.
  • Please ensure your Abstract Title and Talk Tile Match
  • Please click HERE to submit your Abstract and Picture.  Due date for this submission TBD
  • Please click HERE to submit your Talk Title and PowerPoint Slides.  Due date for this submission TBD
  • Please click HERE to submit your Poster. Due date for this submission TBD


Symposium Schedule (all events will occur online)


Online presentation schedule TBD - Please check back at a later date    


Capstone Awards and Honors 2019 (2020 awards to be announced after June 12, 2020)

2019 Mary Cline Undergraduate Research Awardees

  • Baer, Margaret
    • Amount Awarded $500.00
    • Project Title: Microplastics Analysis and Quantification in Bed Sediments in the Puget Sound
  • Burkart, Kenneth
    • Amount Awarded $570.0
    • Project Title: Examining arsenic transfer from water to periphyton and grazers in contaminated urban lakes

2019 Mathematics Awards

  • Exceptional Capstone Paper Award: Elizabeth Andreas
  • Exceptional Capstone Presentation Award: Kimberly Cote
  • Interdisciplinary Award: Arashk Afshar
  • Math Community Award: Addie Jacobsen
  • Mathematical Growth Award: Eric Wiseman and Charlotte Yan
  • Math Ambassador Award: Addie Jacobsen and Madison Phelps
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Chris Preuss
  • Outstanding Junior Award: Madison Phelps
  • Outstanding Sophomore Award: Kaitlyn Jones

2019 Science Awards

  • Best Poster
    • Tracie Barry
  • Biomedical Sciences Poster 1st Place (tied):
    • Elizabeth Kubay
    • Angela Mitchell and Miranda Makalena
  • Biomedical Sciences Poster 2nd Place (tied):
    • Jocelynn Burt
    • Brendy Fountaine
  • Environmental Sciences Poster 1st Place (tied):
    • Timothy Lane
    • David Mullins
  • Environmental Sciences Poster 2nd Place:
    • Risa Hess
  • Environmental Sustainability Poster 1st Place:
    • Jessi McDonald
  • Environmental Sustainability Poster 2nd Place:
    • Francesca Marvin
  • Mathematics Poster 1st Place:
    • Elizabeth Andreas


Abstracts - Coming Soon


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