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Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Symposium June 10, 2021 9am - 3pm


Welcome to the Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Symposium!

The University of Washington Tacoma Environmental Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Sustainability, and Mathematics majors host an Environmental Research Symposium, Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Symposium (SAMURS). This event showcases the capstone research projects of our undergraduate students. The presentations by our undergraduate students, cover a broad range of questions and projects related to the environment, mathematics, sustainability and much more. Projects are conducted in the lab, in the trees, in the mud, in the classroom, at an aquarium, on the water, underwater and on land. Some are original research with a faculty mentor, pushing the boundaries of what is known in their fields. Others participate in internships, where they help community partners further their missions through service. What all these diverse students have in common is the determination and dedication to complete an independent study as part of their undergraduate education. We hope you are inspired and educated by what they have accomplished.

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SAMURS Agenda - Scroll below to view student abstracts and posters

9:00am Session

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10:00am Session

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11:00am Session

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12:00pm Session

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1:00pm Session

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2:00pm Session

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Abstracts & Posters

Student Name(s)

Faculty Mentor


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Abruzini, Sarah Cowgill, Karen

Approaches Improving Opioid Use Disorder Outcomes

Sarah Abruzini
Alhaj, Dana Nael TBD


Mirna Ali
Anderbery, Alyssa Marie Julie Masura Clayoquot Sound Harmful Algal Blooms Investigation of Sydney Inlet – 2019 Anderbery, Alyssa

Banados, Royze Varias

TBD TBD Mirna Ali

Begazo, Vanessa Y

Anna Groat-Carmona

Conserved RNA Sequence and Structural Elements in Dengue Virus

Begazo, Vanessa
Bockman, Megan TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Braden, Taylor Ryan TBD


Mirna Ali
Brar, Jasmeet TBD TBD Mirna Ali

Byers, Claire

TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Cardis, Haley Marie TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Chang, Gina Marc Nahmani Applying Wastewater-Based Epidemiology to Identify Sites of Active COVID-19 Transmission in Pierce County Chang, Gina
Chua, Paola Jean Caguiat TBD


Mirna Ali
Comber, Jason TBD TBD Mirna Ali

Cornwall, Natalie Jean

Jeremy Davis Cold-Weather Suburban Survey of Carrion-Associated Flies in Lacey,
Cornwall, Natalie

Dahl, Fiona

TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Daniel, Steve Bennet Alison Gardell Induced Endocrine and Obesogenic effects of Perchlorate in Daphnia Magna with regards  to the Doublesex gene expression for Environmental Sex Determination Daniel, Steve

Dupont, Lindsay Lynette

TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Ferlance, Shylog Sofia Sarah Alaei Bacterial Lipids Disrupt Strep Biofilms Ferlance, Shylog
French, Gibson Oren TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Geer, Jacob Sean TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Gonzale Perez, Eli David TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Gore, Ashley Aimee Marc Nahmani 3D Analysis of CA1 Hippocampal Excitatory Synapses Reveals Two Distinct Populations:  Spinule-Bearing and Non Spinule-Bearing Presynaptic Boutons Ashley Gore
Haldeman, Jessica Rose TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Hanson, Chanda TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Hargett, Kirsten Lynn TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Haverkamp, Hailey Sue TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Hernandez, Kristian J TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Hoang, Thu Tran TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Jhuty, Sharon Kelly Kim Proposed Synthesis of Phenylpropenoids via Esterification with Applications against The Human Rhinovirus Jhuty, Sharon
Kaur, Jasmeen TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Kerns, Colton TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Kim, Cheri Marc Nahmani 3D Volumetric Reconstructions Reveal Distinct Difference in Spinule Sizes Within Primary Visual Cortex Mirna Ali
Kim, Seohyun Anna Groat-Carmona Discerning the biochemical function for the catalytic domain of the Plasmodium BEM46-like protein (PBLP) Kim, Seohyun
Kingsley, Grant TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Kloby, Joe Bronson Badi TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Kramer, Lucy TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Landowski, Tanner Jay TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Lee, Jung TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Loucks, Brianna Paige TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Mackler, Matt Laura Murphy Eumycetoma: Synthesizing a Fenarimol Derivative as an Efficacious, Non-Toxic, and Affordable Treatment Option Mackler, Matt
Marshall, Nick TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Martin, Lexus Mannhattan TBD TBD Mirna Ali
McCormick, Carter TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Menefee, Britt Anna Groat-Carmona Discerning the Biochemical Function for the Catalytic Domain of Plasmodium BEM46-like  Protein (PBLP) Mirna Ali
Mercado-Marquez, Fanny Jacqueline Sarah Alaei Outer membrane vesicle formation in Porphyromonas gingivalis with removal of relA and rshB genes Mercado-Marquez, Fanny
Miller, Alexis Kayla TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Nguyen, Dinh Phan Lac TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Nugent, Ruby TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Olson, Abigail Therese Sarah Alaei Porphyromonas gingivalis Lipid A Structure and Biofilm modulation Olson, Abigail
Perry, Connor Wayne TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Peterson, Leslie michelle TBD Synthetic Approach toward Substituted Phenylpropenols: Key Precursors to Potential Antivirals for Prevention of HRV Infection Peterson, Leslie
Reite, Elizabeth TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Rhoads, Sarah K John Finke Virtual Protein Simulations: Visualizing Interactions with the Environment Rhoads, Sarah
Saeed, Hannah A Jutta Heller The Emotional and Economical Distress COVID-19 had on this South Seattle Community Mirna Ali
Saefong, Kayla Sarah Alaei A Proposal on Introducing P. gingivalis OMVs to Other Bacterial Biofilm Saefong, Kayla
Sanchez, Caritina Anna Groat-Carmona Creating a parasite to express PBLP with a BirA* tag Sanchez, Caritina
Sanchez, Yeltsin TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Sandhu, Ruby Kaur Laura Murphy Eumycetoma: Synthesizing a Fenarimol Derivative as an Efficacious, Non-Toxic, and Affordable Treatment Option Sandhu, Ruby
Selness, Colleen Aurora TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Sharma, Avika Vijay Erica Cline AISquare Blog Collection Sharma, Avika
Sidhu, Harman S TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Singh, Chetanjit Sarah Alaei Using P. gingivalis OMVs in different bacterial biofilms Mirna Ali
Slattery, David Joel TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Spence, Jamison Fernando Sarah Alaei How RelA Impacts OMV Production in P. gingivalis Spence, Jamison
Starke, Joel Casey Marc Nahmani Applying Wastewater-Based Epidemiology to Identify Sites of Active COVID-19 Transmission in Pierce County Starke, Joel
Stewart, Kaiya Rose Anna Groat-Carmona Dengue Virus Replication Disruption through Examination of Conserved Sequences and Structures Kaiya Stewart
Stowers, Brandon Michael Laura Murphy Treatment of Eumycetomas Through Synthesis of Fenarimol Analogues Mirna Ali
Swanson, Tomara Jack Vincent Identification of Conserved Phosphorylation Sites of the Ndc80 Protein Swanson, Tomara
Toor, Gurleen TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Ugas, Jose A Marc Nahmani 3D Image Analysis of Spinule Prevalence and Origin Jose Ugas
Valdez, Mara TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Waters, Eric Jack Vincent The phosphorylation of the Cdc28/CDK1 kinase is essential for proper cell cycle function, kinase signaling within the Saccharomyces cerevisiae and conservation of known sites of phosphorylation Waters, Eric
Whelan, Kat TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Wiggins, Kiara TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Williamson, Kealie Anne TBD TBD Mirna Ali
Wolford, Jessica TBD TBD Mirna Ali


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