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Writing Consultations

Writing consultations are collaborative—we work with you to support your ongoing learning of the writing process. We are here to help you improve as a writer on many different language and communication projects.

There are four ways to get expert feedback on your ideas and drafts.

Face to Face

  1. Make an appointment to sit down and talk with a consultant. We highly recommend this as the most effective way to brainstorm ideas, learn new strategies, and get your specific questions answered. Choose the consultant you prefer and the date/time you prefer.
  2. Drop in to the Writing Center in the Teaching and Learning Center on the second floor of the Snoqualmie Building. No appointment is necessary, but you may have to wait to see a consultant while he or she assists other students who dropped in before you.


  1. Make an “e-Tutoring” appointment to upload your paper at a specified time. Return to the website when your appointment time is over to download your paper with a consultant’s written feedback on it.

Remember, at the UWT Writing Center we

  • are so much more than a proofreading service, because writing is so much more than "good grammar." Writing consultants will always look to prioritize discussion your ideas and how you deliver them over "grammar." 
  • can help you better if we know more about what’s being expected of you. Share your course’s assignment sheet, syllabus, and/or rubric with your consultant if possible!
  • try to serve all students at UW Tacoma, so please plan ahead and be prepared to make the most of your time with a writing consultant. These questions will help you focus on your most pressing writing concerns and goals for a consultation.