Faculty Achievements

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Anaid Yerena
Assistant Professor, Urban Studies

2019 UW Tacoma Distinguished Teaching Award


Yonn Dierwechter
Professor, Urban Studies
2014 UW Tacoma Distinguished Research Award


Dr. Dierwecther was promoted to Professor in September of 2015. 

James W. Harrington
Professor, Urban Studies & Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
2014 American Association of Geographers Ronald F. Abler Distinguished Service Honors

Ali Modarres
Professor and Director, Urban Studies
2014 Urban Affairs Association Service Honor Roll

Linda Ishem
Senior Lecturer, Urban Studies
2013 UW Tacoma Community Engagement Award


Mark Pendras
Associate Professor, Urban Studies
2010 UW Tacoma Distinguished Teaching Award

Lisa Hoffman was promoted to Professor in September of 2015.  She also published a new book in December 2015 titled, Spaces of Danger: Culture and Power in the Everyday.  It is a co-edited volume with Heather Merrill, University of Georgia Press, Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation Book Series.