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SUS Scholarship & Teaching Application

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Before applying for SUS Scholarship and Teaching funding, please review the SUS Scholarship and Teaching Fund website.

See application deadlines on the SUS Website.

Download the Scholarship & Teaching Fund Budget Template Excel spreadsheet. Complete this spreadsheet and save it including your name in the file name.

Your file name should look like YYMM_LastName_FirstName_STF_budget. 

For example, Hendrix the Husky's budget would be named: 2402_Husky_Hendrix_STF_budget.
Upload your spreadsheet in the document upload section at the bottom of this form.

Purpose of the Request

Visit UWT Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027 to review the UWT Strategic Plan's Goals.

(100 words max)
Explain your project's milestones indicating progress towards accomplishing project goals. (100 word max)
Are you attending or presenting at a conference?
If you have not had a fully funded trip this year, please type NA

Find travel fund information through the links below:

Undergraduate Research Program Funding

UWT Conference and Event Funds

Please review your application. Your application will not be considered until you click the Submit button below.