Wearing stoles

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Many student groups and organizations create or purchase stoles for members to wear at Commencement ceremonies. These stoles must be approved in advance by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Approvals will be granted to groups or organizations that meet all the guidelines below and submit a request for approval by the posted deadline.

Approval Process

Although 2020 Commencement programming has now shifted to a virtual or postponed model, request for stoles (either as a momento or to be warn as part of a student's participation in 2020 activities) are still being considered and approved. We welcome this tradition of recognition to continue. If your organization has an approved stole on file from a previous year AND there are no changes, you do not need to request approval again.

If you believe your organization has an approval but it is not listed or the stole pictured is not the current design, please contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor at uwtstudentaffairs@uw.edu.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Requests

To be considered for approval, all new requests (or changes to a prior approval) must meet the following guidelines and include the appropriate materials:

  1. Must be a Registered Student Organization (RSO) in good standing
  2. Requests to wear stoles at the 2020 Commencement ceremony must be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (uwtstudentaffairs@uw.edu) in writing by May 8, 2020.
    Requests must include:
    • Statement indicating approval from the RSO advisor on record
    • An image/proof of the stole to be ordered or worn

Non-RSO Requests

It is our experience, as an evolving campus with unique groups and programming, that there may be some requests that don't fully meet the listed criteria, but warrent consideration for approval. If you believe that your group or organization should be granted permission to wear a stole please submit your request as described above along with a detailed statement and the required materials/approvals. Students with memberships to a professional organization may also submit requests, following the same criteria. 

The office of the Vice Chancellor continues to evaluate stole requests, criteria and our evalution process. Any changes to criteria or processes will be posted on this webpage.

Questions? Email us at: uwtstudentaffairs@uw.edu

Note: Stoles are the only permissible accessory that will be granted approval to be worn during the ceremony. NO CORDS (outside baccalaureate, faculty and global honors) will be approved.


Students wishing to wear a stole representing their organization should check the list of approved stoles or contact the advisor for their organization. If you are not sure who the advisor for a specific organization is, please contact uwtstudentaffairs@uw.edu. Organizations are responsible for the ordering and distribution of approved stoles.