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“As a result of the fourth Industrial Revolution, 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020 as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and other socio-economic factors replace the need for human workers. The good news is that those same technological advances will also create 2.1 million new jobs. But the manual and clerical workers who find themselves out of work are unlikely to have the required skills to compete for the new roles. Most new jobs will be in more specialized areas such as computing, mathematics, architecture and engineering.”

-The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Study

#1 Most Innovative Public University in the World

Best Value for Time, Education, and Money

12 Month Program Length

Hyrbid Courses with Weekend Meetings

Project-Based Hands-on Learning

99% Employment Rate in High Demand Field

Tacoma, WA Accessible Downtown Campus

Why Milgard School of Business?

Milgard's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) MSBA will prepare you to succeed in the data-driven digital era. This interdisciplinary MSBA is designed for professionals and college students who want to sharpen their critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, data/analytical decision-making, digital technology-enablement and project and process management skills.

Be part of next-generation savvy business analysts, T-shaped analytical thinkers and adaptive innovators. Through face-to-face classes on Saturdays, and asynchronous online learning, students will gain experience in gathering, modeling, analyzing and understanding data, and building smart digital business models to solve existing problems or cultivate new opportunities, improving the performance of organizations.

Milgard School of Business prepares graduates to enter the workforce as digital, data and analytics savvy business analysts, program managers, project managers,  consultants, business intelligence architects & engineers, information & dashboard designers, solutions architect, digital talents, T-shaped analytical thinkers and adaptive innovators. This program explores innovation as a creative problem-solving capability that is applied to a wide variety of market opportunities and social/institutional challenges.

Program Details

The next cohort will start: June 2020

Face-to-face Saturday classes + eLearning

Tentative start date:
June 2020

Program duration:
12 months = 4 quarters (summer, autumn, winter, spring)

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Program Highlights

The Milgard School of Business MSBA degree integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) perspective into business education and analysis. It is designed to build your competency in:

  • Business: What are the problems and/or opportunities? Create/amend business processes, create new businesses, close existing ones and enter new markets. Necessary skills for achieving organizational impact and competitive advantages with strategic thinking, service transformation and evidence-based decision making, (e.g. communication, project management, process optimization, business ethics, privacy, organizational culture change).
  • Data: What data and/or digital service could solve this problem? Core methods for acquiring, storing, handling and representing data, and how to convert that data to information, knowledge, and wisdom for desired outcomes, data modeling and databases.
  • Analyze: What models and methods can I apply to solve this problem? Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, cognitive/machine learning, visualization/storytelling, core analytical, statistical and computational techniques, regression and related statistical methods, data and text mining and cognitive analytics, and operations research methods.
  • Revolutionize: How to apply these concepts to our business? Key insights that can be gained only through hands-on experience working with and implementing analytical projects in a business environment.


MSBA Program Advising


Haluk Demirkan - MSBA Program Director