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Final Quarter Reduced Course Load Request

F-1 students must enroll full time in order to maintain their non-immigrant status. Full time enrollment is 10 credits or more for master’s level and 12 credits or more for bachelor’s level students.

There is a special exception to this rule for the final quarter. F-1 students on their final quarter are considered full-time even if they are registered in less than full-time credits as long as they are registered in classes needed to complete their degrees. 

Fill out this form to request a reduced course load for the final quarter. 


Before requesting a Final Quarter Reduced Course Load Authorization, please read these important reminders below:

  • Students cannot register to only online class(es) during their final quarter (Not applicable during the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • CPT related credits cannot be the only class on their final quarter schedule.
  • If students have program end date beyond their final quarter, ISSS will shorten their program end date.  
  • Once final quarter reduced course load is granted, students will not be allowed to extend their program end date unless there are compelling academic or medical reasons. 
Program End Date is printed on your I-20. The date is under PROGRAM START/ END DATE in the PROGRAM OF STUDY.
Which quarter/year is going to be your final quarter?
Do you plan to apply for post-completion OPT?
To learn more about post-completion OPT, visit: