Academic Planning

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Course Planning

This involves knowing the appropriate coursework required for your intended health program and balancing it with major and graduation requirements. Select the right sequence in collaboration with your pre major/major advisor and the pre health advisor. Meet with your academic advisor to understand the courses offered at UW Tacoma.

Maintain a good GPA

  • Having a strong GPA is important when applying to pre-health professional programs. Make sure you have a well-balanced schedule that allows you to achieve and maintain a good GPA.  Pay attention to your grading options, and watch out for grading options that result in S or NS rather than traditional grading.
  • Take classes - including internships - that you are passionate about
  • This can be anything you find to be interesting; and this can likely help you achieve a good GPA.
  • Consider what healthcare field you want to study/learn more about and take some classes in these disciplines.

See our list of health-related courses. But remember, there is no “right” major for pre-health professional programs. The list suggests classes you could possibly take or explore to learn more about that field.