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Students are encouraged to build a schedule each quarter that includes coursework for their major, general education requirements and health professional school, as well as co-curricular activities including clubs, clinical exposure, and research. Community service is a great opportunity to get involved on campus/greater community, practice leadership skills, and compliment coursework. We encourage students to get started as soon as they can and to be mindful of what their schedule allows them to do.

Other opportunities can also include volunteering in your local community in causes students are interested in/passionate about or working part-time to build soft and professional skills.

See below for Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington State hospitals, clinics, service providers, and community service organizations.  Some of these links will directly lead you to volunteering or employment pages.  On some pages you’ll need to keyword search or look on their homepage for volunteer, shadow or employment info.  The key for all of this (building your experience and network) is about being proactive, patient and following up and following-through with your communication and commitments.

Health Care Volunteer Programs

Specific Programs and Community Health Centers

General Volunteering