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Is Pre-Health right for you? 

The decision to pursue a career in the health care field takes careful consideration and reflection on your personal interests and motivation.  You will need to be realistic when thinking about your academics and skills in science.  Familiarizing yourself with the field/s in which you are interested, and having a clear understanding of the training involved, will help you make the most informed decision about whether health care is the right path for you. Some questions you might ask yourself and others as you explore:

1. Type of relationship with patients?

  • What is the role of each health professional?
  • How does each health professional interact with patients?
  • How does this connect with my personal strengths and preferences?
  • Direct observation (job shadowing, volunteering) is important

2. Academic preparation?

  • Investigate the number and nature of science courses required
  • What other academic learning is important?
  • What are my personal intellectual interests and strengths?
  • Look up prerequisites for 10 - 20 health science programs

3. Motivation and lifestyle considerations

  • What drives my desire to be a health care provider?
  • What do you want your life to look like?

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