Admissions Tests

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There are several standardized exams, or admissions tests, that are used in evaluating applicants to professional programs in health professions. The relative importance of your scores on these standardized exams to your chances of being admitted may vary depending on the program, but are almost always one of the top three criteria used to evaluate applicants. Accordingly, it is vital that you take them seriously and spend appropriate time and energy preparing for them. 

Applicants are encouraged to defer taking these standardized tests until they have completed all of the recommended core science courses. Taking these examinations prior to the completion of the coursework on a “try-out” basis is strongly discouraged and rarely fulfills any useful purpose.  These skills cannot be developed overnight. It is essential to carefully plan your studying for these tests by first identifying the broad areas that need to be strengthened and then organizing your time appropriately.

Standardized Test Information and Preparation, Based on Pre-Health Program

Medical School: MCAT

Dental School: DAT

Pharmacy School: PCAT

Physical Therapy: GRE

Physician Assistant: GRE