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“Inspiring education through quality service”

Facilities Services (FS) employees and their business partners provide cost-effective, reliable  maintenance and customer service for UW Tacoma campus. Quality and service are foremost; providing a healthy and safe learning environment for students, faculty and staff. FS operations include building maintenance, new building projects and renovations, campus planning, parking services, minor alterations, work-order requests program, and janitorial services.

The dedicated FS employees work as a team to develop, operate, maintain, repair, and renovate over 500,000 square feet of space encompassed by 19 structures located on 46 acres. Our goal is to provide responsive, quality service, to provide safe, well-maintained, and attractive facilities that are conducive to learning and working, to effectively communicate with our customers so we understand their needs and expectations, and to address the needs of professional and personal development of our employees.


Stanley Joshua
Director of Facilities Services
University of Washington Tacoma

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Our composting program is off and running! Our initial implementation begins with the compost of paper towels. Signage and identified “green” receptacles have been installed in all academic restrooms.  Paper towels in restrooms are one of the largest wastes produced on our campus. We are excited to offer this opportunity to all users in our support of campus sustainability. Please help us make composting a success at UW Tacoma!