Event Management Safety Agreement

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Events held on the UW Tacoma campus may be subject to the completion of an Event Management Safety Agreement. The Event Management Safety Agreement is required:

  • if you are using a space on campus that requires a setup
    • This includes the Academic Atriums, Carwein Auditorium, Dawg House Student Lounge, GWP Terrace, Lucien Boardroom, any outdoor spaces, William W. Philip Hall and the University Y Student Center
  • if you are serving food
  • if you are serving alcohol
  • if your event has any cash handling occurring

The Event Management Safety Agreement must be submitted and received one week prior to your event date. Please email completed forms to:

  • For Campus Spaces: Email uwtconfs@uw.edu or send to Box 358447
  • For UWY or Dawg House: Email uwyevent@uw.edu or send to UWY 107 Front Desk, Box 358407

In addition to submitting the form, it must be posted and made visible at the event. It must be posted for the entirety of the event. This is the responsibility of the Responsible Event Manager listed on the form.