Setting up your UW email

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Setup your UW Email

UW Google Email

Your UW Google Email allows ad-free email with 25 GB of storage and continued use of your email addresses. Follow the steps below to start using UW Google Email. Go to the Manage UW Google Apps page to activate the service and set your UW Google Apps password.  You can access your UW Google email and all other UW Google Apps services by going directly to and logging in with as your username. You may also configure UW Google Apps Email on just about any desktop email program or mobile device using instructions provided by Google.

NOTE: Nursing and Healthcare Leadership students MUST use Outlook 365 for email. Check with your department if you have not received instructions for setting it up.

Can I forward my email to my personal account?

Please do not forward your UW email to your personal email account. When you activate your UW Windows Live or UW Google email, you will have the opportunity to change your email forwarding to UW. Refer to the UW Tacoma email policy for more information. You can check your UW email forwarding anytime.

Where do I go to check my email?

Once you activate your email, you can access your UW Google mail through MyUW or by going directly to and entering email address.

Logging into Multiple Google Accounts

One of the issues which most people struggle with is having to switch between their UW Google account apps and their personal Google account apps. There is an easy solution for this problem that allows you to access all of your Google accounts in one browser.  For example, you can have your UW Gmail and your personal Gmail open in separate windows in the same browser. There are really important reasons related to FERPA (discussed on the UW Gmail page) that you might want to keep these two email accounts separate from one another. However, if you follow the instructions below, you can keep them separate AND access them both conveniently without having to log out and re-login.


Google has a tutorial available for logging into multiple Google accounts.