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Why Computer Science? 

The Computer Science and Systems (CSS) program at the School of Engineering & Technology features an innovative and broad approach to computer science and the design of applications software. The CSS curriculum draws heavily on computer science, but with a greater emphasis on software design relevant to the needs of local and regional industry.

You will acquire essential knowledge in object-oriented programming, algorithms and principles of abstraction, data structures, discrete structures, architecture, operating systems, software design and complex ethical and societal issues. The program also offers concentration courses that provide opportunities to specialize.

With increasing demand for highly trained computer scientists, these programs offer a solid foundation in computer science principles along with the software design and development required to effectively apply them.

The CSS program offers both a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Systems and an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Systems. The program admits new students for autumn and winter quarters. See the links to your right for information on admission requirements, the application process, and the curriculum. 

*Important Changes to the BS in Computer Science*

New CSS requirements went into effect in September 2017 that will affect all students who have applied and been accepted on or after Autumn 2017 to the BS in Computer Science.

Starting Autumn 2017 all students must complete:

  • Calculus 2 (TMATH 125) or equivalent as an admission requirement.

To ease the transition to the new admission requirement, and to respect the 2 year advance notice agreement with community colleges, TMATH 125 will be a provisional requirement until the end of 2018, meaning that students can complete the course once they are already admitted to the major. All transfer students who were eligible for admission under the old requirements are still eligible during the 2 year advance notice period.

Starting in Winter 2019, TMATH 125 will become required for admission, meaning that this course has to be completed before a student will be admitted to the major. Students preparing to apply to the major for Winter 2019 or later must take TMATH 125 as a prerequisite.  

All students who have been admitted to the program before Autumn 2017 will follow the old requirements.

To aid in the transition period, all students can check the curriculum page to see what courses need to be completed in order to graduate based on your admission date. You are also encouraged to contact or schedule an appointment with our advisors to clear up any confusion you may have.

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