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Students in all SET undergraduate majors have the opportunity to earn senior-level academic credit for paid or unpaid internships. IT majors are required to complete a one quarter internship (alternative course option available in qualifying circumstances), while CSS, CES and EE students can earn senior elective credit for internship experiences. 

Students can take a maximum of 5 internship credits in one quarter. Keep in mind that you can take a maximum combined total of 10 credits of 497/498/499 to apply to your degree. If you register for additional credits, they will not count toward degree requirements or total credits for graduation.

We strongly encourage all students to pursue internship opportunities, whether you choose to earn academic credit for the experience or not.

Need help finding an internship? Check out the SET Internships & Careers page for tips and resources to get you started, and see Andrew Fry's quarterly office hours schedule below. 

Steps to Earn 497 Credit

Once you've secured an internship, you must complete ALL of the following steps to register and earn credit: 

  1. Check that you've met the prerequisites and are eligible to register for 497.
  • Computer Science: TCSS 360
  • Information Technology: TINFO 360
  • Electrical Engineering: TCES 330
  • Computer Engineering: TCES 330 or 372    
  1. Identify a faculty advisor to supervise the academic portion of your 497 work. For CSS majors, the instructor listed for 497 will be your faculty advisor. Students in IT, CES, and EE will need to ask a faculty member to supervise their work. You will want to talk with a prospective faculty advisor before filling out the registration form. Generally, your faculty advisor should be someone who has taught you in a class and is familiar with your work and career interests. 
  2. Complete the internship registration form for your major. Follow all instructions and obtain the approval signatures of your employer and faculty advisor. Make sure you are clear on the grading rubric and all requirements you need to complete to earn credit. The registration form asks for detailed information on your internship including: 
  • A complete project description and scope of work. What is the intended outcome of this internship project? What are your deliverables?
  • Required skills and knowledge for this position
  • Learning objectives of the internship
  • Competencies and demonstrable skills you expect to develop 
  • Explanation of how this internship fits with the curriculum in your major and meets a senior level course requirement
  1. Submit your approved form to the SET front desk in CP 133. You will receive your add code to register by email. It is your responsibility to register yourself for 497.  You can earn between 1 and 5 credits per quarter. Make sure you and your faculty advisor have agreed on the appropriate number of credits for your internship. 1 credit = 4 hours per week of effort on the project for a 10-week period (e.g. earning 5 credits requires 20 hours of effort on the project for a ten-week period — a total of 200 hours).
  2. Complete the requirements outlined in the syllabus or grading rubric determined by your faculty advisor. This may include submitting status reports, attending weekly class (CSS 497) or individual meetings, completing a final report, submitting evaluations from your work supervisor, presenting on your internship experience, and any other requirements established by your faculty advisor. 
  3. Submit your internship title, abstract, and company sponsor information (including contact information for post internship surveys) during week 8 of the quarter to be included in the End of the Quarter Colloquium program. 
  4. Present your final project at the End of the Quarter Colloquium.

The final grade will be determined by your faculty advisor based on the grading criteria outlined in the approved internship proposal and/or syllabus.  Grading criteria will include the quality of the final report and presentation. 

NOTE: A copy of your final report will be kept on file in SET, and a copy will be made available for anyone who requests it. It is essentially a public document.

Internship Registration Forms

Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Information Technology


For questions about internships and career paths, you are welcome to stop by Andrew Fry's office hours. Drop-ins only, no appointment necessary. 

If you wish to consult with Andrew on resume or cover letter writing, please bring a copy of your draft with you to office hours.  

Andrew Fry's Internship Office Hours - Winter 2021

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