Non-matriculating status is for students who want to take courses for credit but are not earning a degree. When enrolled in a non-matriculated status, you cannot earn a degree but a grade is earned and full credit is recorded on a UW transcript for any courses taken. Credits earned as a non-matriculated student usually transfer to other institutions. If you are later accepted into a matriculated (degree-seeking) status at the Tacoma campus, courses earned as a non-matriculated student may be applied to your undergraduate degree requirements, with some restrictions.

Applicants interested in taking graduate-level courses should consult the graduate program offering the course for further information and application procedures for graduate non-matriculated (GNM) status.

How to apply

Applicants seeking matriculated status may have admission and registration priority over non-matriculated applicants.

Limits on non-matriculated enrollment

  • Applications for non-matriculated enrollment are considered on a space-available basis after all on-time and complete matriculated applicants have been reviewed.
  • Non-matriculated students cannot register until the first week of the quarter. Consequently, course selection may be limited.
  • Students attending as non-matriculated may accrue no more than 45 credits in that status (some exceptions may be allowed). The number may vary by program. If you are considering switching to matriculated (degree-seeking) status, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, as 45 of the last 60 credits of a baccalaureate degree must be earned as a matriculated student in residence at the Tacoma campus.

Earning a certificate as a non-matriculated student

If you are applying to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Nonprofit Management certificate programs — and are not a current UW Tacoma student — you should apply as a non-matriculated applicant. Please review the program requirements for guidance in making a successful application and additional application requirements.