Transfer Admission Requirements

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Transfer students who hold more than 40 transferable college credits at the time of application, meeting these criteria will qualify for review:

Minimum requirements for consideration:

  • Hold a minimum 2.0 transferable college GPA
  • Successfully complete Intermediate Algebra, graded 2.0 or higher
    • If your high school preparation in mathematics was insufficient, you must complete one of the courses listed below:
      A course in intermediate algebra. At Washington community colleges, qualifying courses in intermediate algebra are listed as equivalent to MATH 098 in the UW Equivalency Guide. The course must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better, even though it does not transfer to the UW as college credit and the grade earned in the course is not used in computing the Transfer GPA.
  • Submit all official college transcripts
  • Submit official high school transcript, as applicable for proof of world language and/or intermediate algebra
  • Proof of English proficiency, in some cases. Please review link for more information.

To be considered a more competitive applicant:

  • Adhere to the above requirements
  • Successfully complete two terms of a world language, defined as through level 102 (or two years in high school).
  • Successfully complete a college-level English Composition class
  • Apply by posted deadlines
  • Present a transferable GPA that is greater than the minimum. A 2.5 is considered more competitive. A 2.75 may qualify you for assured admission.


*The World Language study must be devoted to a single World Language and must be in sequence, with no repetition of any prior term of study. Any foreign or World Language other than English that has been formally studied may be used to satisfy this requirement, including languages no longer spoken, such as Latin and ancient Greek. American Sign Language (AMESLAN) will also meet this requirement. The World Language requirement will be considered satisfied if you had instruction (outside of the U.S.) through seventh grade in a language other than English.

It is possible for transfer students with a World Language deficiency to be admitted to the university with the special permission of the University Admissions Committee. According to university policy, these "provisionally admitted" students are responsible for removing the World Language deficiency as soon as possible after enrolling. A student will not be allowed to graduate without having satisfied this requirement.

Additional requirements if you have earned fewer than 40 transferable academic college credits after leaving high school (except in the case where the college credits were all earned the summer immediately after high school):

Application Process

*A complete application includes all supplemental materials, essays and transcripts.

Important Dates

Application deadlines for transfer admission vary by degree program. You are encouraged to turn in your application as early as possible to ensure that you receive priority consideration. Applications received after the application deadline will be considered on a space-available basis. Review important dates for transfer students.

  • October 15: Winter quarter general admission deadline
  • January 15: Spring quarter general admission deadline
  • March 15: Autumn quarter general admission deadline
    • March 15: Priority scholarship deadline

Major, pre-major, or undeclared?

Transfer applicants can apply to be admitted directly to a major, or can apply as a pre-major or an undeclared student. Read more about transfer admission options.

Admission to a degree program

If you have met the minimum number of credits and fulfilled the prerequisites, you can apply to a degree program at the same time you apply for admission. If you are admitted to the university and have indicated you wish to apply for an academic program, your application will be forwarded to the requested academic program for review.

If you have completed 75 or more credits already, you are strongly encouraged to do this.