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SSWCJ Add/Drop Code Request Form

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This form is used to request enrollment in classes offered by the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice (SSWCJ). Requests are processed in the order received and may take up to 48 business hours to process. 

Please review directions before requesting an add code.


  • Does the course require an add code? Most courses open to current CJ campus, CJ online, Social Welfare and Social Work students do not require add codes. 
    • Refer to the notes listed on the Time Schedule to be sure you are eligible to register/request entry codes. 
    • If there is a specific date listed to request add codes, please send your submission on or after that date. Requests made prior to your eligibility date will not be honored. 
  • Full courses:  If a desired course is full, you may sign up for Seat Availability Notification (SAN).
    • Do not email the instructor asking for access to a full course. 
    • Sign up for seat availability notifications through the time schedule, (click on the hyperlink of the SLN to find the seat availability notification).
      • Please note: Seat notification is not a wait list. Students will be notified if a seat becomes available, first-come, first serve.
  • All completed add or drop code requests will be answered in the order they were received. 
  • Accurately submit the add code request form: your student ID number, course numbers, and SLNs must be correct. Errors in your submission may delay your enrollment request.
Please be patient as information must be verified before a code can be sent. Allow two business days for a response. 


If you are not a current SSWCJ major and wish to take a SSWCJ class, please review the Quarterly Time Schedule for course details. If a class is open to a non-major, details and dates will be located in the course notes. Please follow all instructions listed above. 

Contact the School of Social Work and Criminal Justice at or by calling 253.692.5820 if you have any questions.
Ex: T CRIM 101, TSOCWF 402 B, T SOCW 525 A