Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

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The Criminal Justice degree offers a multidisciplinary understanding of crime and justice within the framework of broader social processes within our society. It looks at all major aspects of the justice system from an ecological systems approach rather than a specialization in one narrow content area. The curriculum provides a theoretical understanding of the discipline, combined with an understanding of the scientific method as it applies to criminal justice.

The Criminal Justice curriculum will allow students to expand their education by learning to evaluate broader aspects of the criminal justice system and develop theoretical and analytical knowledge and skills.

UW Tacoma's innovative Criminal Justice major emphasizes social justice, diversity, community partnerships, systems thinking and skill development. Students are sensitized to the human impact of crime, including differential impact across social identities and locations. A social justice lens is adopted, with a focus on harm reduction, rehabilitative and restorative approaches to crime and justice.

Admission requirements and application instructions:

Online Criminal Justice Major

The online Criminal Justice degree completion program is a cohort model, and follows curriculum and major requirements with the on-campus CJ major. All 65 credits required for the major will be available online, alongside other online UW courses to help fulfill degree requirements.

Criminal Justice Career Opportunities

The criminal justice curriculum is positioned to provide knowledge and skills to students who plan to seek employment with agencies that provide services for the children and families of the incarcerated as well as law enforcement and correctional settings. Rooted in a social work program with expertise in working with children, youth and families, this program will offer a unique focus on criminal justice from an ecological and social justice perspective allowing students to implement evidence-based models in a variety of criminal justice settings. Graduates of this major may decide to continue on for advanced degrees in disciplines such as social work, law or criminal justice.